Free CRM Software For Windows – Is It Really Worth Implementing?

Free CRM software for windows may not always be a good indication of what the paid versions will provide.

Selecting and incorporating a new software system into your online business can be a trying time. There are so many options to choose from that it can easily become a time sinkhole. A good indication of what a system has to offer can often be found through using a free test version, however, when it comes to free CRM software for Windows, it may not be the best decision.

Free CRM Software Versions are Lacking

Free CRM software for Windows or other operating systems will not give you the full effect of what a paid version of CRM provides. There are limitations to using the free version which prevent you from experiencing the full range of benefits and they may even, in fact, put you off implementing the system.

Limitations to Choosing Free CRMs

Yes, implementing a new CRM system into your business can be a costly affair, however, this is not the area you want to pursue your cost-saving efforts in. Your CRM is the tool that will be mostly useful to your business and any aspirations you have of growing your business to new heights in an extremely competitive virtual world. The desire to test out your options with a free version of the software is understandable. But where CRMs are concerned, this may not give you what you seek.

The reality is that free versions of CRM software do little to showcase what the systems can actually do for you. The limitations don’t allow you to customize the system to your company or customers as you would like. Customization is what gives your customers the personal experience they are longing for and also what gives you a chance to make your name stick.

Depending on the size of your company, you may have many users of the system or if all goes according to plan, you will have in the near future. In truth, free CRM versions are limited as to the number of users that can access the system and this can really jam up the works. If you have more than two or three people working in your business, you will not be able to leverage the expertise of your staff.

Your business is obviously taking advantage of whatever sales channels you can get your hands on in order to solidify your place in the market. The data recorded from each of these channels is immense but completely necessary if you are properly going to use the system. Also, free CRM software versions are limited in space which is a big no-no. You are going to get to a point, and fairly quickly I might add, where your system will be rendered useless through lack of data storage space.

Yes, granted a CRM may be costly in the beginning but the benefits and growth will far outweigh the initial cost. This is a necessary tool if growth and success are in the cards.

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