Selecting the Right CRM Package for Your Ecommerce Site

Selecting the Right CRM Package for Your Ecommerce Site

Running an ecommerce website can be very lucrative, provided you have the right tools at your disposal. Something you will need to do is identify the right CRM package for your online business. When you select the right ecommerce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) sales application, it can help you boost your revenue.

Qualities to Look for in a CRM Package

The first thing your CRM application should have is the option to track customer metrics. These metrics can include things like the following.

  • Total number of times a customer visits your website before they make a purchase.
  • What areas of your site are getting the most, or least, attention from visitors.
  • Whether your shopping cart is experiencing a high abandonment rate.

These insights into customer behavior will help you refine and improve your product line as well as determine whether your website needs to be revamped.

Another quality you should look for in your prospective CRM solution is whether the software provides comprehensive email support. By integrating your ecommerce email directly into the CRM, you will not have to go log into a separate email client to communicate with customers. There are a few additional highly desired benefits associated with having email support built into your CRM.

  • Ability to send out targeted advertisements to prospective customers. By referring to your customer metrics, you will be able to identify specific areas of your website that are popular with consumers. Using that information, you can develop targeted advertisements that your prospective clients may find appealing.
  • You can also handle customer support related issues from within the email support application. By addressing your customer requests in a timely manner, you stand a better chance of creating a positive impression on the client.

If your ecommerce website deals with physical products, you should look for an inventory control application. The term commonly used for these inventory control applications is “ERP,” which stands for Enterprise Resource Planner. This software can provide you with up to the minute inventory details and with the right configuration will notify your suppliers to replenish the stock.

By having the right ecommerce CRM system in place, your online store can scale up with your business, which allows you to generate more money without taking on additional expenses. If you are debating whether to implement a CRM, you should really consider moving forwards with this technology; it will pay for itself in no time at all.

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