UPFUND.IO REVIEW: Combination of CRM, Amazon Inventory Lending is a Winner

UPFUND.io REVIEW: How CRM Can Help Retailers Maximize Amazon Financing

If you are unfamiliar with UpFund.io – this Unfund.io review will help you better understand how this unique Amazon inventory financing option works. In a nutshell, UpFund connects Amazon sellers to private investors via a signature peer-to-peer lending platform. Sellers add some details about their store, background, and more. After setting up their account, sellers then request an Amazon loan in a certain amount. Private lenders can then choose to invest in that loan, similar to how Prosper raises capital for loans. Once the funding rounds are complete, borrowers can pay for new inventory to sell on Amazon without having to worry about making payments until the inventory starts moving.

When combining a powerful lending solution like Upfund.io to a multichannel CRM solution like ReadyCloud, it’s easy to see how sellers can benefit by knowing trends and their customers like never before. Instead of borrowing blindly, sellers can instead borrow in confidence, knowing that they’ll have no difficulties moving their inventory and making the loan payments while simultaneously improving their bottom line and ROI. It really can be a win-win situation.

Why E-commerce CRM is Critical to Succeeding on Amazon

If you are running an online business or thinking about starting one, you will need to find a CRM (client relationship management) application that is designed for your specific industry. In the past, retailers didn’t need a CRM because their business was a brick and mortar establishment where they dealt with people face-to-face. With ecommerce, retailers are not able to engage customers in person, so they need a tool that can help them gather passive data about customers. This passive data can help retailers better meet the needs of their customers, which translates to increased sales, improved retention and healthier long-term loyalty.

So how can Amazon CRM software help Amazon lenders who are struggling, while also combining with a peer-to-peer Amazon inventory financing solution to create a winning strategy? We’ll show you how in this UPFUND.io review by ReadyCloud.

Analytics to the Nth Degree

Newer ecommerce CRM software solutions give retailers true cross-channel analytics, allowing them the ability to study the behavior of customers in detail. This data empowers retailers to know which areas of their website are getting the most attention and which are not. With this data in hand, retailers are able to determine which pages on the site are working fine and which need to be revamped to make visitors want to stay on the website and make a purchase. Knowing what customers are buying what is incremental in balancing your Amazon store and standalone storefront. Doing so also gives retailers insight into what new inventory they should consider adding to their Amazon store, which helps them better corner the marketing with spending from Amazon inventory loans by providers like Upfund.io.

Collaboration and Task Management in One Place

With the right CRM, you and your entire team will be able to collaborate and delegate tasks from within the CRM. Instead of relying on third-party applications to handle your team management and task delegation, you can address all of these items from inside the CRM. This task delegation feature is very helpful when dealing with vital tasks like customer service or customer support. Since everything is dispositioned from within the CRM, the odds of something slipping through the cracks are greatly reduced.

Maximizing Your Lead Funnels

To reach your full potential, you need to work each and every lead that comes to your online store. In order to reach that goal, you need to disposition each of those leads inside your lead funnel. Some of the leads will have just entered the funnel so your sales team will need to engage them, while other leads may be ready to close, so your sale team will need to be very proactive with those prospects.

Since the lead funnel portion of the CRM provides you with real time details of all your leads you should be able to maximize your revenues. Along with having the ability to maximize revenues with this lead funnel app built into the CRM, you will be able to identify bottlenecks before they impact your bottom line. In order to get the full utility of the lead funnel, you must clearly define all the potential dispositions of the leads before you can proceed.

Data for All Business Models

Each online business model is unique and the CRM is flexible enough to address your needs. The CRM is capable of gathering vast quantities of data across all of your sales channels. With that information you will be able to determine whether your ecommerce business is reaching its full potential or requires refinement.

Something that most people are not aware of is just how flexible the CRM can be, so be sure to gather as much data as you can about your visitors in order to better anticipate their needs. This data can let you know when your site experiences massive spikes in activity so you can anticipate future demand. This ability to anticipate future demand will give you the ability to leverage opportunities you could have missed out on if you did not have access to this data.

Customer Service

Something that every ecommerce business needs is a customer service department that can field questions and requests from visitors to your site. No matter how efficient your FAQ is, there are going to be questions. The CRM is capable of handling customer service requests and with the task delegation features we mentioned earlier, you would be able to assign customer service tasks to specific members in your organization.  Since the customer service is handled inside the CRM the risk of having a customer request for support going overlooked is greatly reduced.

Product Returns

If your company is dealing with tangible goods, your customers will inevitably have a need to return products. The CRM has the ability to keep track of your inventory with an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planner). With this tool you can process returns so your inventory is always up to date. Without this resource you could find yourself in a situation where you have a large number of returned products that have to be sent to your supplier.

Without having a CRM in place, your online business is missing out on an opportunity to really maximize revenues and profit. There are numerous CRM applications out there in the market to choose from, with the better option usually being one that is distributed via the cloud. CRM applications offered via the cloud are easier to implement and deploy than an application that you would need to physically install on your ecommerce web server.

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