Using Outlook CRM Software To Boost Ecommerce Traffic

Outlook CRM Software

Ecommerce website owners wanting to drive targeted traffic to their website should look at cost-effective options like email marketing. We are not talking about spam, rather highly targeted messages to consumers that are interested in what is being sold. To get this traffic the ecommerce website owner will need to use Outlook CRM software.

Components of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

We mentioned Outlook CRM software, but this approach is suitable with any email client software you are currently using within a CRM environment.

  • Gathering CAN-SPAM Compliant emails: You must have legitimate email addresses that you can send messages to without breaking the spam laws. To gather these emails your CRM needs to have an email contact form. This form is posted on your ecommerce website so that whenever a visitor fills it out their data, it will be stored in your CRM for future reference. In order to motivate customers to give you their contact details, you may need to offer something of value like an e-book or coupon.
  • Understanding the Needs of Your Customers: To understand the needs of your customers your CRM must track the behavioral data of these customers. What area of your website did they spend the most time on? The more time the customer spends on your website, the more interested they should be in that topic. By reviewing the data, you will be able to come up with some type of promotion that will make the customer want to buy from you. If there is one area of your ecommerce website that gets a significant amount of traffic, you might consider revamping your promotions to reflect that area of your website.
  • Drafting the Email Marketing Materials: The CRM should have an email marketing module built into it. The module allows the online retailers to draft a promotional message that will motivate the reader to come back to the website and make a purchase. More advanced applications will give the owner the ability to insert tracking codes. These tracking codes will let e-tailers know whether their emails are being opened. This coding will also inform the business person whether the email was deleted without being read by the customer.

By integrating the right CRM for ecommerce, retailers can gather all the data they need to draft an effective email marketing campaign. Sending out targeted emails on a regular basis should boost online sales. In order to reach this critical mass and gather these emails the website owner must have a suitable CRM in place that can help gather this preliminary data or their email marketing campaign won’t be effective.

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